My Autumn Bucket List


2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for me so far.. a lot has happened, good and bad - and i'm determined to see the year end on a good note. for me, that good note begins with ensuring myself, my friends and family have a fantastic autumn! autumn is my favourite season, i feel most inspired around this time of year and truthfully, it's when i begin looking forward to the next year ahead. i know that sounds crazy, given we've still got a few months left in the current year but for me spring and summer is when i work hard, the cooler autumn and winter months are when i relax and enjoy the benefits of my hard work - and that's starting from now!

so my bucket list for autumn 2017 looks like this:-

- decorate a pumpkin

- make a pumpkin pie

- go for a walk in the woods

- knit a scarf

- make some mulled wine

- read a new book

- discover a new soup recipe 

what's on your autumn bucket list this year?