How Will 2018 End?

a bit of an odd question i know, but stick with me for a moment...

as the end of 2017 draws nearer, i have found myself thinking more and more about the new year ahead, and like most people, i'm already excited about the new challenges and the journey ahead of me. for me, there's something magical, but yet incredibly frustrating about the start of a new year - i already want to see the end of 2018!! i want a glimpse into how life will be exactly a year from now. will i be happy or sad? will i have achieved my goals or failed? will i still be in the same job? will i have been promoted, will i have left to work for a new company or will i be self employed? will we welcome a dog, a cat or a new family member into our home? will i still be driving the same car?

it might seem strange but these are very real questions, things that really can change in just one year and make the world of difference between your situation now and your situation then - in positive and negative ways. 

of course, no one plans for a negative end to a year that hasn't even begun yet, so this is why we plan. we set goals and we make resolutions so we can be sure the year will end on a happy note - so long as we keep to those goals and resolutions... so remind me, how many pounds are you going to lose again?

so i'm keeping things simple for 2018. i have some career, health and wealth goals which i'm going to take a little longer to think about before i share, if i share. but for 2018 i know one thing for certain - 

i'm going to take better care of myself.

i'm going to enjoy the minutes as they pass me by as opposed to worrying if i've made the most of them or not. i'm going to enjoy the company of friends and family more often. i'm going to take more time to spend with my boyfriend - this year has made me realise i value him more than i could ever have imagined. and this year i'm going to acknowledge that i already live a life of abundance - even though i've spent 2017 convincing myself that i don't! because i do. i have a beautiful home, i have food in the fridge, i have a regular pay cheque, i drive a nice car and i have friends and family around me. just because my house doesn't feature an indoor and outdoor pool, private hot tub on the master suite balcony or a kitchen shipped in from milan; just because i don't drive the latest sportscar or wear designer heels does not mean i do not live a life of abundance. because i think you'll find my version of "abundance" is much healthier than that.  

i think so long as i concentrate on looking after my mind, heart and soul; focus on my core goals and not other peoples perceptions of me, and just stay well clear of the peroxide - i can quite comfortably say i am going to end 2018 feeling happy, healthy, in love and strawberry blonde!!

so what are your goals for 2018?