SHELLBY &co. is a blog dedicated to first time buyers and new home owners. 

When Shellby and Tom bought their first home in 2016, there was very little information out there to reassure them and guide them through the process of being first time buyers. Now they have been in their new home for over 6 months and the journey has been a magical one!



A Brief History

Shellby and Tom met 4 years ago in New Zealand on a backpacking trip. Together they traveled New Zealand's North and South islands, Bali and Australia before returning home. 10 months later they bought and moved into their first home in Yorkshire. They share their humble abode with a tank full of fish and a ginger lionhead rabbit named Barnaby.

Shellby writes to encourage first time buyers to take the leap into home ownership and discusses the pros and cons of new build homes. She works full time as an Estate Agent in the New Homes industry, and so is a true advocate for new build homes - although she's also the first to admit it's not all unicorns and rainbows!